Tubs & Showers

Hapeville Tubs & Showers

Plumbing Services provides expert service for all of your shower and bath tub needs in the Hapeville area.

We provide the following shower and bathtub services in Hapeville, GA:

  • New showers and bathtubs
  • Clogged shower and sink drains
  • Leaking showers
  • Low shower water pressure
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) shower and bathtub solutions

We have the latest designs and technologies to upgrade your bathroom tubs and showers. We provide and install the best in new showers and tubs for your home.

If you are experiencing clogged shower, floor or sink drains, Plumbing Services can unclog them fast, and help you prevent future drain clogs.

If your shower head is leaking, we will be able to stop the leakage with repair or installing a new shower head if required.

If your shower has very low water pressure, we can boost your water pressure so you can enjoy your shower everyday.

We can also install showers and tubs that are easy for the elderly or disabled to use. Plumbing Services can help with a range of solutions to make life more comfortable.

Our licensed, clean-cut, experienced, and trained Hapeville plumbing technicians will provide you with professional service. For all your faucet, sink and Hapeville plumbing needs in the Hapeville area, call us today at 877-235-6138.